First products from in cooperation with Crypto Finance offer access to momentum and Web 3.0 strategies

27 Mar 2024

First products from in cooperation with Crypto Finance offer access to momentum and Web 3.0 strategies An interview

Titel: Friedrich W. Herzog, Senior Portfolio Manager & Head of Research, Crypto Finance

What distinguishes your newly listed product? What makes it different from other ETP issuers?

With the CF Crypto Momentum ETP (CFMOM), we are listing a product that has been traded on a Swiss stock exchange since spring 2023. The strategy has therefore already proven itself in the market for almost a year and the investment performance in live operation is pleasing.

The investment strategy of the CF Crypto Momentum ETP is also successful. We are not currently aware of any other crypto strategies that combine price momentum with an "on-chain" momentum factor that we have designed. Price momentum has been used successfully for decades in traditional asset classes such as equities. "On-chain” momentum, on the other hand, is a blockchain-specific factor that aims to hold tokens in the ETP that attract many users. In short, we use “on-chain” momentum to define the adoption rate of the respective tokens and invest in the most used blockchains.

What sets us apart from other ETP issuers is our high-quality institutional DNA. Since 2018, we have been a leader in institutional crypto portfolio management and have developed outstanding expertise in this emerging asset class. Our CF Crypto Momentum ETP is now our first product to be made available to retail clients in Germany.

How can investors benefit from the growth of the crypto world?

Crypto has now established itself as a new, emerging asset class. The EU Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation (MiCA comes into force in December 2024. At the same time, there are more and more very promising and practical applications of this technology. Examples include the tokenisation of assets and stablecoins. Crypto as an asset class is developing very dynamically and is attractive to more and more investors as an addition to their portfolios.

From an investor's perspective, this new market with thousands of tokens is often opaque and difficult to assess. We have designed the CF Crypto Momentum ETP to be used as a "one-stop" investment solution in portfolios. The CF Crypto Momentum strategy is diversified across a number of tokens in order to take into account the most attractive protocols.

Why did you choose Xetra?

In Europe, Xetra is by far the most important marketplace for crypto ETPs with an excellent reputation and expertise. Xetra thus offers investors a professional, highly liquid trading venue for our crypto investment strategy.

The interview was conducted with Friedrich Herzog, Senior Portfolio Manager & Head of Research, Crypto Finance.

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