Trader admission

Trader admission Admission requirements and the admission process for trading on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt

Every person must first be admitted as an exchange trader to Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse (FWB®) before being granted authorisation to trade on Xetra® or Börse Frankfurt on behalf of the trading member company they work for.

Every exchange participant can have an unlimited amount of traders. An exchange participant must, however, have at least one authorised trader in order to comply with requirements for FWB trading.

Furthermore, admission as an exchange trader is possible only on behalf of one company admitted to the exchange. Should an exchange trader move to another company, the trader admission linked to the company must be returned by means of eXAS and trader admission for the new company applied for.

Persons who are to be entitled, in accordance with section 12 para. 3 of the FWB Exchange Rules, to trade for an admitted company at the exchange must be reliable and have the requisite professional skills.

A. As proof of the admission requirements in accordance with the Admission Regulation for Exchange Traders at the FWB, application for admission, with the required documents and references, can now only be made via eXAS in the Members Only section:

Proof of reliability

1. Application as an exchange trader at the FWB

2. As proof of personal standing, the following documents, in particular, must be enclosed with the application:

a) Complete curriculum vitae, which must contain all given names, maiden name, date of birth, place of birth, and nationality

b) Declaration of personal reliability in accordance with section 2 of the Admission Regulation for Exchange Traders at the FWB

3. As proof of professional qualification (professional expertise and practical experience), the following documents must be enclosed with the application:

Professional expertise

A copy of the examination certificate in accordance with section 3 para. 2 of the Admission Regulation of a successfully passed trader examination at the FWB within the two years prior to the application being made or an equivalent proof (§ 3 Abs. 3) (e.g. final examination of the “Börsenhändlerlehrgang”).

Practical experience

a) Proof of successful attendance of a functional system training course in accordance with section 16 of the Admission Regulation or

b) Proof of participation in trading at an exchange or on a multilateral trading system for a period of at least six months within the two years prior to the application being made.


Should a trader not possess the above-listed professional expertise and practical experience, s/he may register for the FWB exchange trader examination and FWB system training course.

Registration for the FWB trader examination and the FWB system training is only possible in combination with an application for admission as an exchange trader at the FWB.

B. Move of an exchange trader to another admitted company:

In the case that an FWB exchange trader moves to another admitted company, the trader has two possibilities to confirm his expertise, either by proving he has successfully passed the FWB trader examination, or that he was admitted as a trader for his previous company for at least twelve months within the last two years. Furthermore, confirmation of the applicant’s practical experience in trading for at least six months in the last two years is required.

Information on admission as a trader for trading at Eurex Deutschland can be found on the Eurex website.

Thanks to eXAS, the electronic eXchange Admission Service, the admission of exchange traders to the FWB is simple, fast, and transparent. You will find this service in the restricted section Cash Market Member Section.

eXAS services in detail

eXAS enables ...

  • the exchange trader to apply for admission as an exchange trader at the FWB.
  • the exchange trader, the admissions administrator or the person responsible for allocating and maintaining user IDs (user ID maintainer) to apply for de-registration of an exchange trader at the FWB.
  • an overview of all user IDs of a user ID maintainer’s company and the corresponding user names.
  • electronic application for the establishment and deletion of user IDs, as well as changes to existing user IDs by the user ID maintainer.

Flow of information and access to eXAS

  • In each case, eXAS informs all participating persons by e-mail of the current status of the procedure.

eXAS is available via the Service Point in the Xetra Member Section. Applicants will also find the user manual for the service here.

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