DirectPlace We support your placement: subscriptions through Börse Frankfurt

Increase your placement reach and expand your investor mix

Use the opportunity of the special subscription functionality DirectPlace to lock into new groups of investors for your company, such as family offices, asset managers and retail investors. DirectPlace can be used by listed and unlisted companies. It is available for stocks, bonds, certificates or funds. A wide investor base supports the successful issue of securities and ensures a balanced mix of investors.

Especially for private investors, we offer an extensive know-how transfer, in particular an explanatory video for the subscription of securities on the investor portal

In addition, we offer you a customized information package to ensure your subscription receives the full attention of the financial industry. On our website,, you will find important data and an explanatory video on how to subscribe to securities. An investor hotline is available to answer all questions during the subscription phase. In addition, we inform about the subscription with Capital Markets and Börse Frankfurt newsletters.