With Xetra® and Börse Frankfurt, Deutsche Börse Cash Market, which is a business division of Deutsche Börse Group, operates two of the largest cash markets in Europe. It organises transparent and safe markets that stand out for their integrity – for both investors committing capital and for companies raising capital. In these markets, professional traders buy and sell shares, ETFs/ETPs, bonds, and other securities in line with clear regulations and under strict supervision. With its services and technology, Deutsche Börse Cash Market ensures functioning trading places, where all participants have the same opportunities.

Primary and Secondary Market

The exchange’s task is to match the supply of capital and with demand for capital.

In the primary market, companies meet their financing requirements by raising equity or debt capital: they issue and sell their shares, bonds, ETFs, ETPs, and certificates for the first time to investors. In the secondary market, these securities are then circulated, prices posted on an ongoing basis, and traded on exchanges.

Deutsche Börse Cash Market offers market members top-quality services relating to all aspects of the primary and secondary market.

For issuers

Tailor-made access to the capital market: Your financing options through the exchange.

For investors

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Trading securities on Xetra or Börse Frankfurt.

Trading venues

Xetra® is the reference market for exchange trading in German shares and the leading exchange for exchange traded funds (ETFs) in Europe. No other exchange in the world achieves greater turnover at fairer market prices in these securities.

The price fixing on Xetra is conducted according to clearly defined and transparent rules. Trading participants who decide to trade through Xetra profit from highest liquidity and the fair prices of a major market place.

Börse Frankfurt is leading trading venue for German and international securities. Specialists on the trading floor attend to the trading of the securities. They ensure the immediate execution of orders and guarantee the best possible price.


Deutsche Börse Cash Market creates ideal conditions for equity financing and for raising debt capital. With different segments, issuers can target the particular group of investors they are interested in.

Equity financing

Companies can choose between Prime Standard for shares, General Standard for shares and Scale for shares when raising equity capital.

Issuers in Prime Standard for shares and General Standard for shares fulfil the highest European transparency requirements and gain all the advantages of a full listing in the EU-regulated market. In Prime Standard, issuers must fulfil international transparency requirements that go beyond those of General Standard. Scale for shares provides in particular SMEs with an easy, fast and cost-efficient way to include their shares in exchange trading.

Debt capital financing

For raising the debt capital, companies can choose between Prime Standard for corporate bonds and Scale for corporate bonds.

Prime Standard for corporate bonds is the segment targeting larger medium-sized and internationally active companies and entrepreneurs from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. In Scale for corporate bonds, companies can raise debt capital while facing low transparency duties, regardless of any stock exchange listing.



Indices group various securities according to defined criteria, such as the market capitalisation of the respective company and exchange turnover in the security, membership of a market or sector – and track how these groups then perform in the capital markets. The indices thus enable comparison between the trend for a particular security and the performance of the relevant reference group. As such, companies are charted within their peer group, enabling investors to make more targeted investment decisions. Deusche Börse offers an innovative selection of indices and index solutions. Deutsche Börse AG makes the decisions regarding the calculation and compilation of equity indices together with the Working Committee for Equity Indices. Learn more about our indices on

Deutsche Börse Venture Network

Deutsche Börse Venture Network is the pre-IPO initiative of Deutsche Börse to support striving growth companies and unicorns on their way to go public. The network unites key expertise in the field of capital market financing, contacts to relevant players and a vast European member base of founders and investors. From pre-IPO funding and different financing options via the capital market to ESG and sustainability topics: We fuel innovation in the European tech ecosystem as experienced thought leaders and community builders. Let’s foster a strong European ecosystem for grwoth together. 

We believe in the power of innovative ideas – for a better future.