Market data

Market data Real-time and historical exchange data

Market Data

Xetra members can find all information regarding market data in the Xetra Member Section. Other market participants and data vendors who are interested in using or disseminating real-time Xetra or Frankfurt Stock Exchange market data, may obtain this data from Deutsche Börse Market Data + Services.

Relevant information products include:

If you are looking for a vendor who distributes Xetra or Frankfurt Stock Exchange market data, please use the vendor search.

Historical data

Historical market data provides valuable insights for analyses, forecasts and trading strategies. Deutsche Börse Data Shop offers you a wide range of historical market data. In addition, the highly granular data of the Eurex and Xetra trading platforms is used to develop meaningful analytics that support market participants in optimizing their trading strategies.

For more information on historical market data and analytics, please click here.

The A7 Analytics platform provides cloud-based access to historical and intraday market data from Eurex, Xetra and EEX as well as historical market data from CME Group. The user-friendly platform supports market participants in maximizing their trading efficiency or backtesting algorithms, among other things.

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