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Eurex Repo F7 simulation v3.1 update

18 Feb 2019

Eurex Repo F7 simulation v3.1 update

The Eurex Repo F7 simulation environment will be updated to version F7 release 3.1 on Thursday, February 21st 2019. Please be aware that simulation environment will close at 13:00 CET on this day.

Eurex Repo will conduct internal tests on February 22nd and the Simulation period will commence starting Monday, February 25th.

With the start of the business day on Monday, February 25th the software version for Repo F7 simulation will be 003.130.000.

Release 3.1 includes GUI enhancements as well as a mandatory F7 API upgrade. A new set of updated XSDs for release 3.1 and an updated F7 API manual describing all changes in detail will be  published on Monday February 18th in the Eurex Repo member section.

New features and enhancements

Release 3.1 of Eurex Repo’s F7 will include the following enhancements:

  • Core trading enhancements
    • Completion List improvements
  • F7 GUI specific enhancements
    • More custom views
    • Position board upload for Addressed Offers
    • Highlighting GUI updates
    • Maturity date always shown on Market Watch
    • Full return/recall to support time modification
  • F7 API specific enhancements
    • Intraday update enhancements
    • Regulatory fields added to pre-trade broadcasts
    • Tradeable currencies list to be provided with instruments
    • Last modified user added to trades
    • Full return/recall to support time modification
    • Repo trade report to support security price

Details on the various enhancements and features are described in the document "Eurex Repo F7 Release 3.1 Release Notes - Simulation version".

F7 system documentation for release 3.1 is available at: > Member Section > Repo Resources > Trading System F7 > System documentation > Release 3.1


  • Eurex Repo F7 Release 3.1 Release Notes - Simulation version
  • F7 API Manual for 003.130.000, Simulation version
  • F7 API XSD 003.130.000
  • Eurex Repo F7 GUI - User Manual, version 3.1