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Eurex Repo offers an electronic trading solution for bilateral repos with standardized baskets and open quote book. Executed trades will then be collateralized by Clearstream's Global Liquidity Hub.

The standardization of the bilateral Triparty Repo Market (eTriParty) allows participants to efficiently initiate transactions and benefit from straight-through-processing of Deutsche Börse Group.

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Market Concept

eTriParty ensures straight-through-processing with connectivity to Clearstream Banking S.A. for collateral management.

It is a bilateral secured funding market with a full set of re-use possibilities to e.g. GC Pooling, Eurex Margining and other Clearstream services of the Liquidity Hub.

As soon as the trades are concluded, Eurex Repo sends the settlement instructions to Clearstream Banking S.A. for collateral management. Among others Clearstream ensures the securities valuation, eligibility check, margin monitoring and delivery versus payment (DVP) settlement. During the term of a trade, it is possible to substitute securities.

Eurex Repo and Clearstream Banking S.A. provides a comprehensive reporting from the trade until settlement reporting.

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