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Deutsche Börse Breakfast Briefing on Securities Lending CCP

29 Nov 2016

Deutsche Börse Breakfast Briefing on Securities Lending CCP

On Wednesday, 23 November 2016, the Deutsche Börse Breakfast Briefing on Securities Lending CCP was hosted in London with over 40 leading market participants attending a session to learn about Deutsche Börse's CCP solutions for securities lending.

Erik Müller, CEO of Eurex Clearing AG welcomed the guests and gave a brief overview on recent market developments, implications and changes for Deutsche Börse Group while demonstrating commitment for the securities lending activities.

Marcel Naas, Global Head Funding & Financing, Deutsche Börse Group introduced the alignment of funding, financing and collateral management activities and the significance of the Group’s commitment to delivering a product that was acceptable to both borrowers and lenders with the ability to enhance the offering with the assistance of strategic partners that are active within the €1.9 trillion securities lending market.

The Lending CCP Roadmap on deliverables and future enhancements was presented by Jonathan Lombardo, SVP Sales Global Funding & Financing who explained how the Lending CCP has been restructured to market requirements. The developments undertaken over the course of the last 18 months have extensively been guided by market participants to adapt the Lending CCP model to be more conducive to the practices adhered to by the industry. The redesign of structural flows and legal documentation has allowed wider participation providing greater liquidity.

A panel with industry stakeholders from Barclays, BNY Mellon, BlackRock, and Morgan Stanley was moderated by Ben Chalice, COO of Pirum Systems. The experts discussed the challenges and opportunities in the market as a result of Deutsche Börse's extensive cooperation.