GC Pooling Select - 17 banks registered for the new segment so far

The following banks and Eurex Repo participants use their existing GC Pooling infrastructure to offer secured funding transactions to corporate clients or insurance companies: ABN AMRO Bank N.V., ...

New GC Pooling INT MXQ Basket as of February 2014

Eurex Repo is pleased to announce the extension of the market standard for collateralized funding GC Pooling towards high-quality assets. The new GC Pooling INT MXQ basket will be launched on ...

Introduction of a new Eurex Repo Trading System

In 2014 Eurex Repo will introduce a new web based trading system to embrace the requirements of a state-of-the-art trading environment. This new trading system called F7 will serve as a solid ...


Eurex Repo

GC Pooling Market

Efficient EUR and USD cash liquidity trading collateralized with baskets of ECB eligible securities or equities via Eurex Clearing as CCP.

Euro Repo Market

Trading of a huge variety of different General Collateral baskets and the possibility to trade single bonds as Specials via Eurex Clearing as CCP.

Swiss Franc Repo Market

Mainly CHF as well as multi-currency cash liquidity trading collateralized with different baskets of SNB and ECB eligible securities and equities.

OTC Spot Market

Auctioning and trading of SNB Bills and money market debt register claims. In addition, it provides auctioning of Swiss government bonds.

Number of the Month


 Finnish and Slowakian bonds tradable in the GC Pooling ECB Basket as of March 25,  2014.

SecLend Market

Securities lending and borrowing as well as collateralization of loans with debt securities, equities, ETFs or cash collateral.