Structured Products: Information on the new regulation for the application for delistings

Release date: 10 Mar 2023

002/2023 Structured Products: Information on the new regulation for the application for delistings Open Market Circular 002/23

1.  Introduction 

This circular is intended to inform you about the new regulation for the application for delistings for Structured Products.

The processing of delisting applications is going to be harmonised with the processing of listing applications. In this context, after the end of a transitional phase until the end of Q4/2023, it will no longer be possible to process applications submitted by e-mail. 

Delisting applications will then only be accepted if submitted via SFTP or web frontend in xml or alternatively Excel format. 

2.  Required action

Participants are requested to convert application submission to the provided excel and xml formats with submission via SFTP or web front end by the end of Q4/2023

3.  Details of the conversion

The documentation in Attachment 1 describes the corresponding delisting use cases, which can be mapped either in the dXXL 2.0 message type delisting or analogously in the alternative Excel format. The Excel template is available in Attachment 2 and can also be downloaded from the web frontend if required.

Please note that we perform an automated check of the applications. You will receive an error message if your application does not comply with the specifications. The corresponding checks and error messages are part of the documentation attached. 

If you have any questions about this or would like to request test runs in the simulation, which are possible at any time, please contact us.

It is already possible to submit applications via the two formats. Please convert the application submission until the end of Q4/2023. We will still accept the old format via e-mail until then. After that, however, we will change our internal processing and will only be able to process the automated formats via eListing. 

Please contact us if you cannot meet the conversion deadline.


1.    Quick-Guide Delisting
2.    Excel Template Delisting 

Further information


All companies participating in the Regulated Unofficial Market (Open Market) at Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Target groups:

Traders, Issuers of Structured Products, Nominated Persons, all users of the excel and xml application formats for the inclusion of Structured Products



Authorised by:

Simone Kahnt-Eckner, Petra Cinar

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