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HQLAx Baskets

HQLAx Baskets

The following baskets are available for trading in the HQLAx market of Eurex Repo F7.


HQLAx High Quality Liquid Assets Baskets (HQLA Baskets)

HQLA US Governments Basket (ISIN: DE000A2YZPW3)

The HQLA US Governments Basket encompasses debt securities of the US Government.

HQLA German Governments Basket (ISIN: DE000A2YZPX1)

The HQLA German Governments Basket encompasses debt securities of the German Government.

HQLAx Fixed Income Baskets

FI 1 Basket (ISIN: DE000A2YZPY9)

The FI 1 Basket encompasses fixed income securities of the following countries:
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France,
Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New
Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and
the USA.

The issue must have been rated A+ or higher pursuant to the rating agency
Standard & Poor’s Rating Services Inc. for “Senior Unsecured Debt”, A1 or higher
pursuant to the rating agency Moody’s Investors Services Inc. for “Long-term Senior-

In case the rating by the named agencies differs, the lowest rating applies.
Structured Paper, Convertible Bonds and ETFs are excluded.

FI 1a Basket (ISIN: DE000A2YZPZ6)

The FI 1a Basket encompasses all securities eligible for the FI 1 Basket excluding