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Eurex Repo F7 simulation v3.3 update (GUI update)

14 Feb 2020

Eurex Repo F7 simulation v3.3 update (GUI update)

The Eurex Repo F7 simulation environment will be updated to version F7 release 3.3 on Thursday, February 20th, 2020. 
Eurex Repo will conduct internal tests on February 21st and the 3.3 Simulation period will commence starting Monday, February 24th.
With the start of the business day on Monday, February 24th the software version for Repo F7 simulation will be 003.330.000.

Release 3.3 of Eurex Repo’s F7 is a GUI only update, with no changes to the F7 API. However, it is always strongly recommended that all API customers (including ISVs) perform a regression test during the simulation period.

Release 3.3 of Eurex Repo’s F7 includes the following enhancements:

  • F7 core trading 
    • SFTR Enhancements (fully support UTI and MIC)
  • F7 GUI specific enhancements 
    • Market Watch paging improvements
    • New Executions screen
    • New reminders
    • Additional pre-trade warnings
    • Enhanced user preferences
      • Close on submit features re-engineered
      • New entry defaults for IOI/RFQ
      • Segment settings removed
    • New Export/Import Watchlist feature
    • Optimized Landing Page screen sizes 
    • Data labelling for Excel & CSV Files for MTX
    • Smaller enhancements:
      • Maturity shown on pre-trade and post-trade screens
      • Excel and CSV Export supported on all Position Board tabs 
      • Basket Name shown on Master Data Security screen
      • Secondary Instrument added to Notifications

Details on the various enhancements and features are described in the document "Eurex Repo F7 Release 3.3 Release Notes - Simulation version" which has been published in the Eurex Repo member section.

As release 3.3 is a GUI only update, the only valid value for API versionNumber remains: "3.2".

F7 system documentation for release 3.3 will be available today, Friday, February 14th at: > Member Section > Repo Resources > Trading System F7 > System documentation > Release 3.3


  • Eurex Repo F7 Release 3.3 Release Notes, Simulation version
  • Eurex Repo F7 GUI - User Manual, version 3.3
  • Eurex Repo F7 User Manual for Member Trade eXtractor (MTX)

Please note: while the F7 Simulation system is already on release 3.3, the F7 Advanced Simulation remains on the same software version as the F7 Production system (3.2).