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GC Pooling Market

GC Pooling Market


Launched in March 2005, GC Pooling has become a highly liquid market for secured funding in EUR, USD, CHF and GBP. The international participants benefit from anonymous electronic trading through a central counterparty (CCP) with a real-time collateral management system.

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Market Concept

The GC Pooling Market ensures straight-through processing with automated connectivity to Eurex Clearing AG as central counterparty and the settlement organization Clearstream Banking. As soon as a GC Pooling transaction is concluded on the electronic Eurex Repo trading system, Eurex Clearing steps in as legal counterparty (CCP).

Eurex Clearing performs e.g. the delivery management and the intra-day risk evaluation of all positions held by a clearing member. A comprehensive reporting informs the clearing member about the status of delivery activities and the margin requirements. On the settlement day Eurex Clearing sends the netted settlement instructions on behalf of the customers to Clearstream Banking for settlement. Within the delivery versus payment process, the collateral management system of Clearstream Banking automatically allocates collateral of the traded basket to secure the cash trade. A real-time substitution of single bonds or equities is possible during the term of the trade.


Eurex Clearing AG provides a complete set of clearing and risk management services for leading exchanges and marketplaces.


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