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Repo Market

Repo Market

Established in July 2001, the Repo Market has developed tremendously and is now a highly liquid market for European securities. In November 2017 more than 152 international participants benefit from anonymous trading and clearing through a central counterparty with low costs.
In the General Collateral (GC) Repo segment, collateral can be turned into cash swiftly and directly, while the Special Repo segment offers a market for single securities financing.

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Market Concept

The Repo Market ensures straight-through processing with automated connectivity to Eurex Clearing AG as central counterparty and the settlement organizations Clearstream Banking and Euroclear.
As soon as a repo transaction is concluded on the electronic Eurex Repo trading system, Eurex Clearing steps in as legal counterparty (CCP). Due to the anonymous trading through the CCP the participants do not have any legal relationship and bilateral risk with another bank.

Eurex Clearing performs e.g. the delivery management and the intra-day risk evaluation of all positions held by a participant. A comprehensive reporting informs the participant about the status of delivery activities and the margin requirements. On the settlement day Eurex Clearing sends the settlement instructions on behalf of the participants to Clearstream or Euroclear. Both settlement organizations provide reports on the settled cash and collateral.


Eurex Clearing AG provides a complete set of clearing and risk management services for leading exchanges and marketplaces.


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