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Eurex Repo sees continued growth in 2014

Release date: 14 Jan 2015 | Eurex Repo

Eurex Repo sees continued growth in 2014

Outstanding volumes, number of transactions and active participants rose again in 2014/Roll-out of new F7 trading system initiated/GC Pooling index family as secured money market indicators established in cooperation with STOXX

Eurex Repo, the leading marketplace for international secured funding and financing, continued to grow in 2014. Combined average outstanding volumes for GC Pooling and the Euro Repo markets reached a new record level of around 200 billion euros on an annual basis. Of this sum, the secured money market GC Pooling totaled 158.5 billion euros average outstanding volumes, an increase of 3 percent compared with 2013. This increase was accompanied by higher transaction and quote volumes. On a monthly average basis the number of transactions grew 42 percent year-on-year and the number of quotes by 24 percent. Furthermore, GC Pooling recorded for the first time more than 100 active participants on a daily basis since launch. The Euro Repo market totaled 41 billion euros in average outstanding volumes (+12 percent year-on-year).

In 2014, Eurex Repo actively started with the first two corporates to its GC Pooling Select Invest market segment. It allows bank clients such as asset managers, pension funds and corporations to benefit from secured funding via GC Pooling. The GC Pooling market also extended its currency coverage, adding the Swiss Franc in late 2014 to its existing cash currencies euro and US dollar. Addition of further currencies at a future date in 2015 is planned.

Furthermore, the SecLend CCP market is gaining strong interest amongst client base. Two new participants joined the SecLend CCP market in 2014 thereby using the post-trading infrastructure of Eurex Clearing.

Eurex Repo also began the roll-out of its state-of-the-art F7 trading system at the end of last year. This initiative will encourage further increases in transaction volumes, market share and new customers segments. The first market, COSI/SecLend Triparty, successfully completed its migration to F7 in December 2014. Further markets, such as GC Pooling and Euro Repo as well as SecLend CCP, are scheduled for migration in March 2015. Currently, Eurex Repo offers a simulation environment for these markets so that its participants can become familiar with the new technology. F7 is based on the system development experiences of Deutsche Börse Group and will be integrated into its IT infrastructure as part of the Group’s “7 Market Technology” family.

“We are very pleased by the continuing growth of our markets despite the negative interest rate environment. The significant increase in the average number of quotes and transactions also supported the further establishment of our GC Pooling index family as an alternative to unsecured money market benchmarks. And since the launch of the EUR Secured Funding Futures contract by Eurex Exchange in November 2014, market participants also have for the first time a powerful tool to hedge their funding and financing activities with derivatives contracts,” summarized Marcel Naas, managing director of Eurex Repo.

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