Eurex joins ICSF as a partner

We are delighted to become a partner of the ISLA Council for sustainable finance (ICSF).

J.P. Morgan successfully joins Eurex GC Pooling as pilot client for balance sheet netting

Major step in rolling out additional balance sheet netting opportunities between the GC Pooling and Repo (GC & Special) market for Eurex Repo clients.

Deutsche Börse and HQLAx successfully launched DLT-based operating model

Commerzbank, Credit Suisse and UBS execute first live transactions on the Eurex Repo F7-trading system.

Partnership Program boosts Repo trading at Eurex

Eurex’s Repo Partnership Program, which aims to increase repo transactions in the interbank market for European government bonds, is already showing initial effects.


Eurex Repo

COVID-19: How we handle the situation

We at Deutsche Börse create trust in the markets of today and tomorrow. As reliable market infrastructure provider, trusted partner and caring employer, we take the global COVID-19 situation very seriously.

While so far our business has not been critically impacted, we continue to monitor the situation at all company locations and worldwide very closely and remain in close contact with our customers, suppliers, our regulators and the competent bodies to assess the situation at hand on a daily basis. [...]

GC Pooling Market

Efficient CHF, EUR, GBP and USD cash liquidity trading collateralized with baskets of ECB eligible securities or equities via Eurex Clearing as CCP.

Repo Market

Trading of a huge variety of different General Collateral baskets and the possibility to trade single bonds as Specials via Eurex Clearing as CCP.

GC Pooling & Repo System Training

Feel free to register HERE for regular Repo and GC Pooling system trainings offered in Zug.

SecLend Market

Securities lending and borrowing as well as collateralization of loans with debt securities, equities, ETFs or cash collateral.

Buy-side Services - Trading permissions for buy-side clients

Eurex Repo has expanded its existing, successful interbank markets to address buy-side clients.

Read more about Select Invest, Select Finance and Specific Lender trading permissions.