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Eurex Repo F7 production v3.0 update (with mandatory API update)

13 Nov 2018

Eurex Repo F7 production v3.0 update (with mandatory API update)

The Eurex Repo F7 production environment will be updated to version F7 release 3.0 after the end of day processing Friday, November 16th, 2018.

On Saturday morning, an Implementation News ( ) will announce the completion of the update. 

With the start of the business day on Monday, November 19th the software version for Repo F7 production will be 003.050.000.


Release 3.0 of Eurex Repo’s F7 includes major enhancements to core trading affecting F7 Trading GUI and F7 API users:


Core trading enhancements

  • Repo trade compression
  • New HQLAx segment
  • Early settlement terms
  • Extended closing date terms


F7 GUI specific enhancements

  • New repo trade compression facility
  • Support of HQLAx segment


F7 API specific enhancements

  • New messages for Repo trade compression facility support
  • Changes to SecLend messages for HQLAx support


Details on the various enhancements and features are described in the document "Eurex Repo F7 Release 3.0 Release Notes - Production version" which has been published in the Eurex Repo member section.

The set of XSDs for 003.030.000 remain unchanged and are valid for the new release 003.050.000.


As release 3.0 is a mandatory API update, the only valid value for API versionNumber is: "3.0".


F7 system documentation for release 3.0 is available at: > Member Section > Repo Resources > Trading System F7 > System documentation > Release 3.0





  • Eurex Repo F7 Release 3.0 Release Notes, Production version
  • F7 API XSD 003.030.000 (unchanged, valid for 003.050.000)
  • Eurex Repo F7 GUI - User Manual, version 3.0